Week 9 Homework – Ivy Sun 3183268

For this week’s exercise, I followed this amazing tutorial Burnt Wood | Beginner Substance Designer Tutorial by Chunk and created my first material in Substance 3D Designer. Since this tutorial is really beginner friendly, I took lots of notes for various nodes when following step by step during the entire workflow. And as a great start, I also followed this intro tutorial Saving Templates in Substance Designer (And Creating My Own!) for creating a custom template, which will be helpful to future creations in SD.

Back to my experience this week, I could feel my familiarity and efficiency were getting higher and higher during the process of digesting the tutorial. It was truly satisfying to figure out the function and difference of each node and play around with different parameters that would refine the details dramatically. The only thing I hate and love at the same time is keeping everything organized and tidy, I spent massive time making the lines straight and adjusting each node’s position, which was a bit time-consuming yet satisfying when I saw them in the end.

Overall, I ended up getting more used to the Substance 3D Designer workflow through this week’s assignment, and I feel confident to make my own custom material for my future project!


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