Week 9 Homework.

For my week 9, I decided to choose the Forest Ground recommendation on the homework page.

Throughout the tutorial, I went along with it to the best of my ability, yet I didn’t like following it 100%. In the beginning I did what was done, yet changed the numbers around a bit, working with what I think would be fun. This was done in a very miniscule way, changing decimals and numbers. Yet throughout it, once I learnt how things work and what I was doing, I decided to take things into my own hands and play around. Noise layers were I think my favorite part to play with, and as well, the colors in general. It was interesting seeing how depending on the color and shading, it can determine the quantity of an item. For example for the rocks, it was determining the lighter parts of the Plasma node, the lighter the slider is, the more rocks. Yet bring it down, it determines that the darker parts of the Plasma node will get rid of the rocks in that area.


Nonetheless it was a very fun learning experience, and I’m quite excited to be working with Substance Designer. The only obstacle that happened for me was the fact that it takes a long time for things to load. When reloading the Substance Designer, it took a long time for the height to show again, and the colours would take a bit to load- yet aside from that, not many problems!

This is how it ended up.


I am not going to lie I see all my classmates posting full scenes with your shader. Were we supposed to do that? This is my render so far, if anything an update will come in the near future of it being used.

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