Week 9 – Justine

For this week’s homework, I followed a tutorial by 3dEx on How to make a Stylized Medieval Wall. I wanted to go with a tutorial for a stylized material because I always find them really cute. Also, I didn’t want to get too caught up in the details of trying to get my output as realistic as possible, especially since this is just my first dip into Substance Designer.

I’ve had several prior experienced with node-based programming, so the concept wasn’t new to me. However, as with any new software, I’m still at the point where I’m intimidated by how many nodes there are that I still don’t know exist or how to use. Despite that, this week’s homework was a great warm-up exercise to get me familiar with some of the potential nodes I could use for my final project.

I found it very useful that there are so many nodes, not just for blending calculations but also texture generators for various kinds of noises and patterns. This highly streamlines what would have taken forever when we were coding with only GLSL, so I definitely see the potential of how Substance Designer can help you make many materials–and fast! I also found it very useful to see how vital shapes and shaping functions are, especially with how they’re used for almost everything throughout the graph.

Below is a rendering my final material!


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