Week 9 Mark Lin

For this week’s homework we dived into the 3D Substance Designers. It always fun to me to see how the texture is being made but begin with a new software is always kind of hard. Good thing we are able to follow along with tutorial online. I was thinking to make some realistic ground with water puddles then I found a video teaching me how to make a wet mud with some small water puddles. This video is an hour long but I think it really worth it because the guy speaks slow and in a very detailed way for every step. Although, there are many things I don’t get why he is doing that but I understand the main idea is to add as much details as we can and adjust each small unfit things as we can. And this is the reason I followed whole hour to see each nodes function in order to create my own detailed texture in the future. Here are some notes I took that I think is helpful for me:

Decreasing opacity will always help

Remap the tone too much information use histogram scan or level

Transformation 2d is perfect for change the size of a noise

Tile generator is great for creating block texture and adjusting for many details




Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDcI-9vtTlg

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