Week8 Homework

For week 8 homework, I chose a blocky photo studio for the skybox from the  Polyhaven website, and selected several interesting PBR textures from the FreePBR website. I planned to create some ancient, modern and surreal models as props in this studio scene. However, the first question happened here. I would like to make the white ball glow with an emission effect. But the ball only becomes brighter in color with the check of “emission,” nothing glowing effect shows.


After I did some research and discussed it with the professor and Justine(Thanks a lot!!!)  I found that it requires me to check the post-processing in the camera-rendering, selecting the global volume-volume, and create “new” for the profile, and add post-processing effects to the camera by adding volume overrides. The “bloom” and “Vignette” gave great effect for the scene. And here is the helpful link about how to create the post-processing volume: https://learn.unity.com/tutorial/creating-a-global-post-processing-volume-2019-3#


After I finished the steps above, I found the second problem: All my models have no shadows. I discussed with the professor about this problem for a long time and finally found that I made all the models too big for the camera to calculate the shadows. The solution is to make the “scale factor” of the model smaller. Setting it to be about 0.01 is a suitable choice. And the shadows finally show in my scene.

And here is the final scene of my Week 8 Homework. I moved the emissive balls as part of the industrial mushroom-like structure with a modern column and steps. The ancient style is shown on that bronze cup and blocky hemisphere. Unity is complex and challenging for me, but I learn a lot through the process of figuring out various questions and constantly adjusting my work.


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