Week 10 homework Mark Lin

For this last assignment, I want to do something more artistic than the house demo we did during the class. So I came up with an idea of texturing a human figureĀ or statue for this assignment. Then I found a man falling figure which I think I can make some artistic things from it. Since the assignment required me to do 2-3 texture separately for each part, so I came up with detaching body parts to make it like this human figure is falling apart into pieces. The texture choices are from my idea of combining traditional statue with technology. Although, the one I chose is not really traditional statue, I still want to do the experiment to see what’s gonna happen. Here are the outcomes:



I think the final results looks good at least it’s not ugly (personal opinion)

After finish creating and texturing my 3D model, I trying to render the texture. I encountered an issue that says error for rendering the color part. I tried to do some search online and solve it but it won’t work out for me. Besides, when I trying to apply my rendered curvature map, position and other map to the model it won’t showing up for me. It is all just black color on the model. I tried to solve this problem as well but I don’t know why it is happening.

Progress and graph screenshots:






Learning resources:




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