Week 8: Homework

Week 8
For this assignment, I wanted to create a small diorama box inspired by nature. I downloaded a variety of 3D models from https://free3d.com/. I’m not entirely familiar with working within Unity, especially when it comes to retexturing or changing the visuals of pre-built models considering that I typically focused on the experience of sculpting 3D models in previous courses. That said, I struggled with applying photorealistic textures that I downloaded from freepbr.com. I found that I would be able to download and import the textures into the scene, as well as apply the textures onto the individual parts of each model, although the actual detailing wouldn’t apply in the official rendered sketch of the scene. I tried playing around with the lighting and material settings of each texture that I downloaded and imported, although they all seemed to have the same problem. I will have to look back and rework integrating the downloaded textures into the scenes, as the process in which I applied these textures aren’t functioning as intended.

In this scene, I tried to implement a variety of tree bark textures, rock textures, leaf textures and snow textures. I have included a few of the texture images below.


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