Week 9: Homework

Week 9

In order to complete this assignment, I looked through a variety of youtube videos that I thought I could try and recreate. I made attempts in recreating a few longer tutorials, although found myself getting extremely lost at certain points, so I decided to watch through the reference provided in the week 9 homework posting for the Procedural Tree Bark by Adobe until I got a better general understanding of the functions and structures of each node in relation to how they contribute and influence the final output. After doing so, I took my try at recreating a stylized snow design by Poly Doorway: https://youtu.be/2TotJ5_JtL8?list=PL5WsVKipEuGzNYjOJAzLGDsyCHlAB7F3B


There were some aspects I decided not to include in my own design, and made a few changes as I went along with the video and experimented with the different functions that they brought into their own work.

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