Week 09 – Homework

For the Week 09 homework I followed Adobe’s Youtube tutorial for wooden planks. I chose wood planks because I personally love the look and feel of the texture of wood in real life.

This was my first time using substance designer and due to the really well made tutorial, I was able to follow along much better than I thought I would. The use of nodes was familiar to me through creating shaders through Blender so that helped a lot but I also learned many new ways to create textures that seemed much more detailed than what I have previously done.

Some difficulties I ran into were the fact that Substance Designer had been updated since the year the tutorial had been made or links to tools that the tutor used were missing so I couldn’t exactly follow the tutorial exactly as it was. Therefore through the use of research and helpful comments on the videos, I was able to utilize new ways to generate similar materials as the tutorial and tweaked some in my own way.  I would also sometimes mix up nodes due to how many was used in for this tutorial which would be a bit of a bother to go back and fix if you made one small mistake.

Overall I found the process very enjoyable and loved seeing the final material form.

Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLz8ZyduQi0&list=PLB0wXHrWAmCzTXeyYT5Vy3ds711ZRHRYh