Ushna Khalid – Week 08 HW

Ok so.

what I did was try to see what I could so with these textures. First obviously I needed to find a good skybox. I wanted one that was in a night sky setting. Like ina field with a sky full of stars but all i could jund where areas with houses around them, so i picked the best one.

After I got that set up, I started testing rock materials on a cube


ok wordpress is making this look blurry… ok look at the images in my google drive here

I started messing around with the height maps and base colors. I wanted to make them look shiny and reflect off of the surrounding area.


Heres an example of one.  I messed around with the metalics and speculation. I think it looks pretty cool. This is the sliced limestone texture

I then found a few other rock texture to do the same to. I then put them on lome low poly assets that I have and checked which material looks best on what. I also added a sandstone platform with its own texture and the.. platform for the rocks display


i don’t know why wordpress is nuking these. Again, just look at the clearer images here

I also added a video showing the materials I modified




skybox –

Materials –

Rough Reddish Rock PBR Material

Sliced Limestone PBR Material

Cavern Walls PBR Materials

Slate Rock #2 PBR Material

Sandstone Platform PBR Model



Week8 Homework

For week 8 homework, I chose a blocky photo studio for the skybox from the  Polyhaven website, and selected several interesting PBR textures from the FreePBR website. I planned to create some ancient, modern and surreal models as props in this studio scene. However, the first question happened here. I would like to make the white ball glow with an emission effect. But the ball only becomes brighter in color with the check of “emission,” nothing glowing effect shows.


After I did some research and discussed it with the professor and Justine(Thanks a lot!!!)  I found that it requires me to check the post-processing in the camera-rendering, selecting the global volume-volume, and create “new” for the profile, and add post-processing effects to the camera by adding volume overrides. The “bloom” and “Vignette” gave great effect for the scene. And here is the helpful link about how to create the post-processing volume:


After I finished the steps above, I found the second problem: All my models have no shadows. I discussed with the professor about this problem for a long time and finally found that I made all the models too big for the camera to calculate the shadows. The solution is to make the “scale factor” of the model smaller. Setting it to be about 0.01 is a suitable choice. And the shadows finally show in my scene.

And here is the final scene of my Week 8 Homework. I moved the emissive balls as part of the industrial mushroom-like structure with a modern column and steps. The ancient style is shown on that bronze cup and blocky hemisphere. Unity is complex and challenging for me, but I learn a lot through the process of figuring out various questions and constantly adjusting my work.


Week 8 – Tara B

I was inspired by a few things for this weeks homework. I had started to think about my idea for the final project and this week was an exploration on the idea I had for the final project. I was directly inspired by this installation at MoNa in Hobart and I wanted to explore what it would look and feel like to actually go inside these “pictures” and if they were even more 3D. It’s interactivity is a work in progress as I just wanted to explore the materials and assets I wanted to use for it.

I didn’t really have anything in mind material wise other than finding PBR textures that I thought looked cool in free PBR, I just spent an hour looking at all the textures before picking ones I liked and experimenting with placement and the settings (smoothness, the normals, height, emission) Some of them are more metallic than they probably would be in real life (the lava for example) but I really liked the emphasis that the shine brought.

I wanted some of the walkable pictures to be unexpected so there are different rooms to them. Eventually I want to have interactivity like the ends of the hallways teleport you back into the gallery space and the ball room to have phsyics so they bounce around when you push into them.

Walkthru vid


^^^ Progress sceenshots and inspiration from Mona.


Clay Shingles | Bird Feathers | Painted Concrete | Forest Floor | Space Wall 1 | Space Wall 2 | Space Wall 3 | Alien Plant | Desert Rocks | Lava | Tidal Pool | Gold Wall | Cliffs | Vines | Stones | Coral

Skybox Tunnel

Luke DAlfonsi – Week8 Homework


screenshot-2023-03-17-110234 screenshot-2023-03-17-110203 screenshot-2023-03-17-110227

For the week 8 unity homework I decided to create a scene using textures from polyhaven and freepbr as well as some textures I made myself. I used textures of various metals as well as grass and rocky textures from the referenced sites, the textures i made include all of the foliage.

The scene is inspired by my recent viewing experience of TLOU Part one show so I wanted to include fungi like things which are attached to the trees, ground, and the mechanic parts in the scene. The scene depicts these big robots sucking out green juice from the earth I have no real reason why this is happening it’s just where I ended up when creating this piece!

I also used post processing to add some bloom, camera distortion, depth of field, as well as some grain to the image!

The build can be tried here and features a couple of short animated camera scenes within the environment: Week8 Shader Art Homework by Suburb Studios (

Ethan Griffin – Week 08 Homework

For the diorama I made simple primitives and tried to arrange them in order to show off the different materials. Trying a bunch of different skyboxes I found only the studio lighting was the best way to test the reflections of the metallic materials.

screenshot-2023-03-07-142542 screenshot-2023-03-07-143220 screenshot-2023-03-07-142532

Getting the spheres to emit onto the other objects was the most difficult part, trying to find the right intensity and also having to bake it into the scene for it to work. Some of the metallic materials still wouldn’t show the emissive reflections.