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Feb 19

Snapchat as Gameplay

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There are many apps out there that have a some sort of point structure that I often associate with only being available or necessary to have when playing digital games. Some point and goal oriented aspects of app are stronger than others, truly pointing out the reasoning and intention behind each point gained or goal received. The following are a few current apps that I have which use points and goals in some apparent way.

 Snapchat Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 7.08.57 PM

I have always found it a mystery as to why Snapchat uses a point system and score board that congratulates your accidentally use of the app. There’s no mention of their use, which later, over time, has led me to believe that the whole point of the points system is to have you try and do as many things with the app as possible until you unlock every single prize on your score board. My only argument with this is that it has yet to convince me that I should use snapchat as a Bop-it, flipping it around and doing multiple things at once to “perhaps maybe!” unlock something. If he intention was to intrigue users to use snapchat more, there must be some sort of list that describes how to unlock and achieve specific emojis, which mind you, are the only thing you win. To my knowledge, no one else can see your scoreboard either.

Snapchat almost uses this as an easter egg. Perhaps to develop a more underground, or exclusive community of people who know how to unlock all trophies on their scoreboard. If snapchat users were to know whose trophy case was more filled, would that cause competition, there for increasing use of snapchat among users? Would that also define the type of content people would be creating?

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 7.02.14 PM

As it turns out, it very well could define the play of content dissemination. For example, snapchat points and trophies are not only unlocked by one choice from the user (a color filter on their video), but many combine choices to gain points. Users could then change the context of what they are creating. Something perhaps they may have never thought to publish before? Therefore the influence of points on non-game apps can cause play to some degree.

Arguably, if you keep playing with snapchat, you’ll end up winning. Much like Bop-it 😉

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And oh yeah, there is a list that explains ho you can unlock everything. Good luck!