By Sara GazzazSpice is a wearable collar that explores intimacy between two people (new lovers, old lovers).  It’s intended to give people another avenue for expressing tenderness to another – specifically by the strength of your breath during intimacy! 🙂
It’s not something that one would necessarily wear every day, but people could put on their collars when they want to “communicate” this way.
It has to do with exploring/enhancing connections between people.
How it works:
  • A row of feathers or flower petals are attached to independent circuits
  • A light spring keeps each of the feathers from touching a metal stopper that closes its circuit [off position]
  • When breath is directed on the leaf, it pushes the flower’s metal spring against a metal stopper, closing the circuit [on position], sending a signal to a Lillypad Arduino board
  • The signal causes a piezo to play a note (and maybe also trigger a vibration sensor)
  • Each flower circuit creates its own individual note
  • When multiple circuits are closed concurrently, a buzzer is played
  • When circuits are closed sequentially, musical scores are played.screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-11-58-20-am
    screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-1-00-06-pm screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-1-00-59-pm

As possible future iterations we have also considered creating a gesture based interaction on elastic back supports. Whereby one’s improper posture can lead to long term back problems, this device intends to rectify their posture as reminders every time the user slouches. This will be determined by a flex sensor as well.

This collar’s purpose is to spice up an intimate night between you and your partner. It is a playful way to intimacy that can be used to intensify your sensual night. Your significant other would eventually attempt to blow and kiss you on your neck, whereby this device will prevent an unwanted outcome, or delay it further. There’s more fun in the adventure than the destination itself!


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