BuzzerFLY, a wearable project

Created by:

Shreeya Tyagi
Minsheng Zheng


BuzzerFLY is a ‘hello’ wearable device kit that helps connect with a partner/partners to create a body sculpture. The wearer can define where the BuzzerFly is placed. This will also act as a visual contact point for the other user.

The idea behind this product is for its wearers to be able to define the spot where they wish to connect physically with the other user/users and feel comfortable while creating body sculptures that are guided by body postures or even in some cases a simple ‘hello’ situation for two users, such as in a university greeting party or at a conference.

Alternatively, in a dance performance, the background music or sound effects are triggered by the interaction between dancers. There could be one dancer wearing the “active” part of BuzzerFLY while other dancers wearing the “passive” part representing different tunes. In that scenario, the buzzer is replaced with a more sophisticated sound-making device.

Circuit Diagram



  • designed to look like jewelry
  • a non-fixed wearable and can be placed on any part of the body using magnets
  • the buzzer battery and the +ve and –ve plates are all integrated as one piece while the circuit connector is integrated in a second piece. These two pieces come together to complete the circuit.

Parts List

  • 3V Buzzer
  • 3V Battery
  • Wings (Brass metal plate)
  • Circuit connector (Brass metal plate)




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