The Must Have for 2020



In a not too distant dystopic future, where everyone is glued to their devices at all waking hours, we have created this revolutionary system based on the classical interaction called footsie.  By wearing this wonderful pair of exciting socks both you and your loved one can engage in a purring, interactive foot massage that allows users to continue using their devices while relaxing and enjoying each others touch.  For extra excitement sleep in them so that you can wake your partner in the night with a purring vibration.



The Making Of Footsie



Parts List:

1 x 3V Coin Cell Battery
1 x 20mm Sewable Coin Cell Battery
2 x Small Lillypad Prototyping Board
2 x DC Vibration Motor

conductive thread

2x socks

conductive material

(iron, scissors, needle, regular thread)


img_6919 img_6920 img_6923

We chose vibration motors for our sound because we wanted the combination of the subtle inviting purring sound with the enhanced sensation of touch that is caused by the vibrations.

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