Geo-Locket / Proximity Heart

The initial idea was a small pendent that gets brighter as two people get closer. The following .gif shows shows a detail shot of one unit in action.


v.2 was designed around an oversized red LED, and a pair were 3D printed late at night in the Maker Lab.


The idea was one of six initial cards, and seemed the easiest to make for the initial v.1 prototyping session.


The first version was made with Shreeya in our initial prototyping session. Here’s an image of Shreeya and I wearing our super low-tech versions!



Additional Notes

Professor Hartman loaned us some Xbee radio units, to try and help with prototyping. Despite our best efforts we ran out of time, and had to settle on lower-fi iterations. I’m still hoping to go forward with the project, changing the name and shape to ‘Pears’ as a play on words and letting go of the heart to make it *slightly* less cheesy 😉

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