Social Signal

Social Signal
 is a low-tech wearable, that can be manually adjusted to
tell others how receptive one is to conversation. Reading others can often
be hard, and this device takes some of the load off of social interactions.

Red light? They’re busy and you leave them alone.
Yellow light? They can talk, but only if it’s important.
Green light? Good to go! Let’s have a chat about whatever.


The following gallery shows both early conceptual sketches emerging
from an in class brainstorm, as well as both faulty and correct circuits.

This project was very rewarding, in that it was the first time I used
proto-board to make something somewhat finished. Going to Creatron
and collecting parts (like the dip-switch) was something I hadn’t done
in this kind of context, and seeing it all come together was exciting.

One valuable lesson I learned, is to be SURE the circuit is correct before
soldering everything together. I did an initial test and made and assumption,
and ended up having to tear it all apart and resolver everything. (see close up image below)


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