THE Laser Hat

THE Laser Hat

by Bijun Chen


The laser hat is a hat that can fire laser beam. It is activated by a special resistor ring. The idea came from miner hats, and the laser remotes used for presentations. It could be used as a cool cat toy, or a pointer to presentation, or a Halloween custom.

This video meant to be a gif. It gives an idea of how it works and how powerful it is! Inside the hat, I have a carefully hidden circuit, including a laser moudle, a tiny battery pack, and an open switch which can be turned on and off by the ring. No wire can be seen from outside of the hat, the only thing shows is the front of the laser.


The hat is simple but it has much potentials. It’s the first project I have made that requested by many people telling me “I WANT ONE”! For next generation, I’ll make the on and off switch controlled by Bluetooth over the phone.

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