ThermoHero: Therapeutic Superhero Heating Shirt

Assume Super Hero Pose and be almost instantly rewarded with therapeutic heating along your spine.  Designed for spinal injury patients who suffer with chronic pain.


Background Research included interviewing my husband who suffers with chronic pain from a spinal injury.  Chronic pain can be depressing and the superhero pose is a great tool to help regain confidence. Anything that attracts too much attention, he probably wouldn’t wear and so it had to be relatively low key. Creating a system that rewards this pose with therapeutic heating along his spine will make him more likely to assume the pose and help sooth his spine at the same time. Other research was involved with sourcing and figuring out materials.

For the Prototype I used a mountain equipment coop mans black long sleeve shirt as the base. I added conductive material to the fist area of the sleeves and to the hips in lightning shapes. I used conductive thread to trace back to the pocket that I built in the inside back of the shirt. This pocket contains a portable cell phone charger as the battery supply this has stuffing around it for added pillow like comfort. There are two 5V Heating Pad’s 5x15cm placed vertically side by side along the lower spine. The pads are sewn inside nylon so that they are soft and let the maximum amount of heat through. The padded battery is positioned just behind the heating elements so that it can aid in pressing the pads against the skin for maximum effectiveness.


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