Geo-Locket / Proximity Heart v.2



Reasoning / Why remake?

I chose this project for a few reasons. Firstly, it was fun! Although it’s somewhat tacky and not something I would wear, it’s nice to have the tactile sensation of something small I can hold in my hands. It’s also something that I felt I could realistically do — something that my skill sets were suited to and would yield good results. Finally, I was never satisfied with the original, yet the idea had stayed with me ever since the first brainstorming exercise. I continue to think about it even today, and would like to eventually make some kind of produced multiple out of it. That continued interest made it seem like an ideal project to continue.




Pendants are obviously quite easy to wear — simply add a string or chain and place around neck. Although the second iteration aligns more strongly with the original goal, I perceive it as less wearable than the original. This is because the original was cheating in a sense: the string was actually wire, and the battery back was in a pocket, leaving only the LED to be housed in the pendant. The second iteration features the battery and all connections embedded within the assembly, requiring it to be quite big. While it’s fun and works well, I can’t really imagine anybody wearing it except for possibly young girls. An important question was raised in critique, about if I had considered my target market but I admit I’ve done little market research / thought little about industry. However, I did get excited earlier in the semester, and purchased the domain name

Perhaps I can produce some silly low end jewelry for kids, or the strange adults who celebrate the aesthetic. Japan? Comic Con?




Material Choice / Design Influence

The initial goal for the second iteration was intended as a dramatic shift, changing the name (“Pears”), using twin reed switches (a great suggestion from Professor Hartman), and including audio + NeoPixels. I purchased a number of supplies to attempt this goal, but ended up struggling to find a design that could house all components and deliver enough voltage for the piezo buzzer. Given the limited time I decided to stay close to the original project, and therefore stayed with a 3D print / LED based project.

The pink PLA plastic was chosen somewhat randomly, as were the blue LEDs which had recently showed up in an Ali Express order I had placed. The aesthetic took little from consciously from external sources, except for image searches of ‘hearts’ and ‘pears’. The design influence owes much to those providing tutorials online for Fusion 360, as it was only watching those videos that gave me the skills to produce the models.




Changes were drastic and include a complete redesign of the circuit and enclosure. Whereas the original featured a single 10mm LED, v2 includes 26 blue 5mm LEDs. The second iteration also sees a switch to a LIPO battery (yay, green!). The most important change (despite increasing the form factor) is the new functionality of the two items ‘completing’ each other to produce a result, whereas the original was more of a simulation. This sees the original conceptual fulfilled.




Evaluation of Prototype

As noted earlier, the second iteration became less functional as a day to day wearable — largely due to the significant increase in size. It’s also somewhat tacky and isn’t something many people would likely want to wear. Despite these realities, I’m quite happy with the prototype, and see it as showing much promise as a proof of concept. Anecdotally, fellow students have been delighted with the simple mechanism, and I’ve been proud to show it faculty, friends and peers. Advice given in critique about possibly avoiding representation (heart / pears) in future iterations was well noted, and I plan to follow through on the advice.

On the next version(s) I will put aside representation, focus on reducing size (through surface mount components / manufacturing) and enhanced functionality (more interesting interaction / possibly audio).

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