Hearthrob Ring ver1.1

Accessories and jewelry is an integral part of human décor. It’s been an identity cornerstone, a defining factor, something that we treasure and recognize ourselves with. Traditional precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum adorn our day to day lives in many fine ways.

But what makes something precious to us? What is of value to us? What do we treasure?


As an exploration into the future world of personal accessories, I worked on constructing a ring, that would have personal value to the wearer which is born out of though rather than what it is made of, its monetary value or traditional aesthetics.

I think that all these aspects, namely, aesthetics, monetary value concerned with materials and their use will be challenged in the coming years.

What goes into making something a portable or a wearable?

The questions addressed were, what interface is easy in a basic portable, what should it do, how to create value from minimal interaction with a wearable electronic device?


Exploration using a pulse sensor (input) and LED (output)

For this accessory, I used the pulse sensor as input and LED as output. How personal or intimate are body indications (i.e. heart rate, pulse rate, breathing patterns) ?

Can these be shared with friends and family? What do these human biological fingerprints convey?


Arduino UNO + Pulse sensor+LEDs/Neo Pixel

The pulse sensor was set up using an Arduino UNO board the output was in the form of two LEDs. One LED was set to blink to the pulse reading of the sensor and the other was set to fade. This gave a lasting hue to the light produced within the ring.

20161124_035150 20161124_132048


Product design

Two designs were explored for the ring product. The first was a two LED set where the LEDs were wrapped and shaped with the help of masking tape. The second was a single Neo Pixel ring where the electrodes were made of shaped brass wire and were an extension of the ring band, the connecting wires were soldered on to the brass electrodes.

In the case of the Neo Pixel, a seperate library had to be added to the code.

Code : https://github.com/WorldFamousElectronics




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