Laser Hat 2.0


“Eye damage from a pocket laser is unlikely, but could be possible under certain conditions. Red laser pointers that are “properly labeled” in the 3-5 mW range have not caused eye damage — no retinal damage has been reported — but there are very real concerns. One is pointers not manufactured to federal specifications. There are reports that green lasers, improperly imported to the U.S., far exceed safety limits.”

I am remaking experiment 4: Body As Display. The old one I made has a ring switch, I loved the concept but I found that it does not work well as the way I wanted it to be: the fabric in the hat keeps getting in the way and made the controlling of the system very difficult. For the experiment 6: wear your own, I didn’t change the concept the hat, the only thing I changed is the way of the switch, from a very physical switch to a digital and wireless switch; the Bluetooth on phone switch. Nowadays people have everything on their phones, and I think making the switch on the phone could make it more fun, and it could be something people can actually use in their everyday life.

Some Inspirations

My criteria for wearability was to be small, light weight, good looking, not too expensive, and ideally only works well when it is a wearable, and can not easily be replaced by a normal object.

It preforms well for wearability. It is easy to hide everything inside and in pockets because it is a hat and it has a lot of hidden spaces. I wore it for couple hours, and the problems I encountered were firstly the Arduino chip was a bit of heavy; secondly the laser pointer got off from the desired position. Other than these I think the hat serves well as it’s purpose.

I did not change anything about material choice and design influence.



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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Arduino Bluetooth Basic Tutorial


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