Being a VJ I always thing that during my VJ jobs no one actually looks on VJ what is the good way to attract more people so that people can see apart from a DJ there is a DJ too which is also playing an important role in creating an immersive environment within audiovisual art. So I decided to design some gear for myself as identity gear where I will be wearing that gear as an icon or as a trademark or for a remembrance. So I chose to design a VJ glasses.

VJ glasses are one of its kind sound reactive led glasses which is based on the idea of a sound equalizer the way how sound equalizer react according to music. So I decide to create sound responsive equalizer with the help of neopixle led ring


Initial design is based on a plastic based normal sun glasses I bought it from cheap market where I uses led neopixle on its  and mic





The circuitry for this wearable project isn’t that complex, and the first prototype is based on basic component but then the second one is based on laser catted glasses and in future we can also 3d print it

– Sound reactive
– Rechargeable
– On/Off switch
– Programmable

Most of the parts available through Adafruit.


– Arduino micro 
– NeoPixel Ring (12 LEDs)
– Li-Po battery 3.7V 150mAh
– Lipoly battery charger
– Mic Amp
– Micro USB cable for programming/charging.
– 22 AWG hook-up wire or any other suitable wire.

Tools and Supplies:
– 3D printer with filament
– Soldering Iron with solder
– Wire Strippers and pliers
– Hot glue gun and super glue
New design :

screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-11-21-13-am screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-11-21-24-am screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-11-21-42-am

img_0360-2 img_0379-2 img_0381-2

Laser cutting files :






Future Ideas :

2221-04 2221-07




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