Happiness Tube


Great for dancing the night away!!!

Happiness studies show that colour and light contribute to overall happiness, looking at it, playing with it, sharing your happiness display with everyone who sees you, will increase everyone’s happiness!


Colour tweaking Mode:  In this mode the wearer can play with knobs of colour control.

Happiness Colour Wave Mode: In this mode the colours cycle through a perpetual wave of changing rainbow.


A white satin tube is lined with an inner spiral of metal wire to separate the inner neolight strip from the diffusing satin.

An Arduino Leonardo with breadboard, battery supply, wires, capacitor and twist knobs.

Code Here: https://github.com/BunnyPooPi/hello-world/blob/master/FullExample.ino

img_20170104_121609 img_20170104_122017

In a future version I would swap out the Arduino L for something smaller.




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