Cycle Signals

Marcelo and I both like to cycle quite a bit but in a city like Toronto that can be quite dangerous at times. There’s traffic coming from all directions and the hand signals can be misleading and also for a novice biker like myself hard to actually do.


We instead created a bike helmet . . . → Read More: Cycle Signals


The project we started with was to create a pair of glasses which would enable your partner to know where you are on a page while reading the same book. Our first low fidelity prototype involved a hacked together pair of glasses from cardboard attached to a wire indicating where the user is looking.

. . . → Read More: Hello!

The Focus Cap


The focus cap is a ‘more stick, less carrot’ approach to getting people off their cell phones and back into the moment. We are all guilty of checking our phones at inappropriate times — perhaps in a class, a long meeting, or even out at dinner with a friend.

The focus cap is . . . → Read More: The Focus Cap