Laser Hat 2.0


“Eye damage from a pocket laser is unlikely, but could be possible under certain conditions. Red laser pointers that are “properly labeled” in the 3-5 mW range have not caused eye damage — no retinal damage has been reported — but there are very real concerns. One is pointers not manufactured to federal . . . → Read More: Laser Hat 2.0

THE Laser Hat

THE Laser Hat

by Bijun Chen

The laser hat is a hat that can fire laser beam. It is activated by a special resistor ring. The idea came from miner hats, and the laser remotes used for presentations. It could be used as a cool cat toy, or a pointer . . . → Read More: THE Laser Hat

Food? YES!

Food? YES!

By Bijun Chen

In our program we spend too much time together. Asking for each other weather if they want to get food together or not becomes a everyday conversation between many of us. This simple device allows two people to communicate by one person makes the “shall we . . . → Read More: Food? YES!

Thumb Wars 5000

Assignment 1 (DIGF 6012)

Bijun Chen & Michael Carnevale

Story & Background

In the future envisaged by this assignment, people have lost the ability to connect with each other in the immediate physical world without the use of electronic devices. In such a world everyday communications become difficult especially when one . . . → Read More: Thumb Wars 5000