Geo-Locket / Proximity Heart v.2


Reasoning / Why remake?

I chose this project for a few reasons. Firstly, it was fun! Although it’s somewhat tacky and not something I would wear, it’s nice to have the tactile sensation of something small I can hold in my hands. It’s also something that I felt I could realistically do — . . . → Read More: Geo-Locket / Proximity Heart v.2

Social Signal

Social Signal is a low-tech wearable, that can be manually adjusted to tell others how receptive one is to conversation. Reading others can often be hard, and this device takes some of the load off of social interactions.

Red light? They’re busy and you leave them alone. Yellow light? They can talk, but only . . . → Read More: Social Signal

The Connection Box


The connection box is a quirky tool meant for lovers, encouraging commitment to conversation during arguments through mandatory open, mirrored body language and a fun ‘penalty’ for breaking this commitment.

The box requires that both parties face each other and hold down a button with each hand, aligning their shoulders and preventing them from . . . → Read More: The Connection Box

Geo-Locket / Proximity Heart

The initial idea was a small pendent that gets brighter as two people get closer. The following .gif shows shows a detail shot of one unit in action.

v.2 was designed around an oversized red LED, and a pair were 3D printed late at night in the Maker Lab.

The idea was one . . . → Read More: Geo-Locket / Proximity Heart