Perfect Fit Moisture Bubble

In a future world where evaporation has caused low humidity in the atmosphere, humans require moisture wear.
The most common fashion of the day is the hydration suit, a la Dune, paired with  to goggles that maintain a high moisture zone for our eyes. now we have developed the Perfect Fit Moisture Bubble

Now your personal moisture zone is independent from your clothing. Regain the freedom to wear the fashion you want, or wear nothing at all.  Have intimate moments without sacrificing your moisture.  Express yourself to the people around you with your individuality in fashion choices.

How does it work?

Control your personal humidity from your wrist thermostat.

The personal humidifier originates from headband, which projects out moisture that hovers in the magnetic aura of the body.


Original Idea Device Cards






Snoring Mask


In the darkest hours of the night a change has been taking place, turning unsuspecting people into roaring beasts. Breathe Right nasal strips open nasal passages and silence the beast once and for all.





my project is a simple project in and it make those people annoyed when they snore i mean instead of shutting up sonore i am trying to some more weird sounds with this snore mask.

img_3409 img_3410 img_3411 img_3412 img_3413

here are some pictures from mask this mask is made up of form and some dragon whistle and dragon whistle is creating some weird sound out of it.

20161114_153603 20161114_153607 20161114_153605

this is final video how it look like


Geo-Locket / Proximity Heart

The initial idea was a small pendent that gets brighter as two people get closer. The following .gif shows shows a detail shot of one unit in action.


v.2 was designed around an oversized red LED, and a pair were 3D printed late at night in the Maker Lab.


The idea was one of six initial cards, and seemed the easiest to make for the initial v.1 prototyping session.


The first version was made with Shreeya in our initial prototyping session. Here’s an image of Shreeya and I wearing our super low-tech versions!



Additional Notes

Professor Hartman loaned us some Xbee radio units, to try and help with prototyping. Despite our best efforts we ran out of time, and had to settle on lower-fi iterations. I’m still hoping to go forward with the project, changing the name and shape to ‘Pears’ as a play on words and letting go of the heart to make it *slightly* less cheesy 😉



The project we started with was to create a pair of glasses which would enable your partner to know where you are on a page while reading the same book. Our first low fidelity prototype involved a hacked together pair of glasses from cardboard attached to a wire indicating where the user is looking.



As a future iteration we created a 3d printed frame which would insight non verbal communication between people through light and sound. We called this device “hello”.


Circuit Diagram




By Leon Lu and Marcelo Luft



A wearable that lights up when approached by people.


















by: Bijun, Sara, and Mahsa



Our team decided to go with the set of cards that represented an awkward situation. In social gatherings one can be put in an awkward situation both purposely or unintentionally. These list of devices can help you escape the setting, and in one case it can put you in that situation to experiencing something as another person might; in another’s position or situation.

1. If I Were (Wear) In Your Shoes!

If I Were In Your Shoes, is a pair of shoes that one can wear to be put in another person’s position to better experience their feelings.

to make this prototype we used cardboard to build the bottom (sole) of the shoe, Then we used fabric to build the top half of the shoes. Two parts were stapled to one another.

img_0285img_0287  img_0294

2. X-Ray Vision

when one is put in an awkward situation, by activating the X-RAY Vision, they can eliminate certain people or objects from their view.

The X-Ray Vision is build solely out of cardboard. This prototype has movable lenses where one can pull down to cover their view.

img_0280 img_0281 img_0279 img_0278

3. Let IT Rain!

Let It Rain! is a sensory activated curtain that is attach to a cap. The curtain moves to cover the face, protecting the person wearing it when she/he has found themselves in an awkward, unwanted situation.

let it rain was initially made out of cardboard and fabric, The original prototype had a stationary curtain made out of paper.

img_0284 img_0283 img_0290 img_0291 img_0293 img_0292


As a group we decided to choose “Let It Rain!” to further modify for our final refined prototype. In order to make the interaction more smooth, the curtain is now attached to a servo motor that rotated 180 degreed from right to left. The servo is connected to an Ultrasonic sensor which is also located on the cap. When the person wearing this cap feels overwhelmed by his/her surroundings; She/he can rub their head where the ultrasonic sensor is located to pull the curtain over.