Project Name: Purple-iiiiiish


Project description:

My personal preference for color is purple. And I think with the black background, I can actually make a visually pleasant art project. Therefore, I set the color of Red and Blue for random, consequently, the color varies. And I also implement ML5.Posenet library for movement tracking. What does the program do is that when you move around the square will automatically follow your movement and leaving a trace. Furthermore, when you get closer to the screen, the figure will be more circular, in the end, being a circle, and when you move away from the scree, the figure will squared off, eventually being a rectangle. In addition to movement tracking, I also learned the “map” function, which is usually being used when you want to renew the ratio of distance.

Project Link:

Edit: https://editor.p5js.org/YoungYoungYoung/sketches/-lzxUgQtB

Full screen: https://editor.p5js.org/YoungYoungYoung/full/-lzxUgQtB