Seasonal Osculation

Seasonal Osculation is a series of 4 interactive art experiments, made using the p5.js web editor. The artworks are a series of generative artworks that respond to the change in the viewer’s moment and actions. The artworks have mainly interacted through two different actions that are performed in a new manner rather than the conventional methods to click and scroll. The artworks respond to the moment in a way that bridges the gap between the viewer and the artwork and he feels a part of that artwork.

Inspired by the geometrical aspect of things the artworks depict normal day-to-day shapes like circles and rectangles with deep meaning to them depicted through the color and weight of the shapes. As the interaction between humans and machines is increasing day by day the future is not far off where we can see art that is highly interactive and not made in controlled environments but be highly public and open to all to see and interact opening new ways to feel connected with the artwork by not just seeing pretty artworks but actually be part of one and connecting to the piece in a deeper way. These experiments look upon those new ways to interact with generative art that have deeper meaning apart from being pretty.




The first piece is a generative artwork representing clocks and the concept of time and when we get close to the piece the time glitches and the clocks start to act weird and we are stuck in a time loop with the piece and every watch moves back and forth in a different time but not completing the full circle which all depicts a click trigger into the artwork that you have aligned with the artwork but you being stuck in it.

The interaction calculates the difference between the eyes to calculate the distance of the viewer from the piece. This is a click experience.

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2: PUSH 


The second piece depicts the thoughts we have and how we are always thinking something but ideas start to clutter up. This piece depicts those thoughts through circles and weights onto the circles which depict the great ideas but as there are so many thoughts they tend to get lost. In this piece, the viewer pushes his thought in which way he wants to think in being the left side of the brain to explore logical, scientific ideas or the right side of the brain to explore his creative ideas

Swipe through the screen to push your thoughts to interact with the piece. This is a scroll experience. 

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This second piece is a generated art piece that depicts the colors of different seasons around the world from summer to winter. The artwork explores the colors from a season in a harmony to generate artworks that are never the same just like the season which has passed the next winter could be colder.  

This is a two-step interaction when the user is close to the screen the artwork generates more works for the same season but when the viewer joins hands it cycles to a different season. This is a click experience. 

side note: it can be a bit heavy if you keep cycling through generating artworks and could lead to delays in the interactivity.

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This last piece signifies an endless scroll that doesn’t have a scroll not being controlled by any triggers which signify the human moment from playing football on the field to swimming in the pool. Like humans have no bound and are always exploring this piece interacts to the moment of the viewer drifting through space which has no bound sets the piece as an infinite scroll.

This piece interacts with the moments of the viewer it still has room for a lot of improvement in terms of plotting the whole body onto the grid and make a silhouette of the viewer in the space which has no bounds. This is a scroll experience. 

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