Experiment 2: Cuppa-Tea


  • Project Description:

It is impossible to be Iranian and not drink at least 3-4 cups of tea during the day. I am not an exception to this rule, but I usually forget that I ever poured myself one. My mug, full of hot tea, will stay on the desk on its coaster until it’s cold as a milkshake. And nothing tastes worse than cold tea!

In this project, I thought maybe I could make myself something to help me remember to drink my tea before it gets cold. This object will be put next to my coaster with its lights turned off. The arduino’s heat sensor, which is very close to the coaster, is constantly checking the temperature and when it rises up to 30 degrees, it means that a hot glass (of tea, coffee, etc.) is there. Then the lights turn on. After ten minutes, the lights will start flashing, meaning it is time to drink. And they keep flashing until the temperature goes back to normal, which means I have started drinking. Then they turn off again. When the temperature goes back to normal and the lights turn off, the heat sensor will again start checking the temperature until it rises up to 30 degrees or more, and so on.

I really enjoyed making this object and will improve it for sure. my next steps would be finding more sustainable material to work with, and to work on the overall structure of the object.

  • Final Project Images

photo_2021-10-26_10-59-27 photo_2021-10-26_10-59-25 photo_2021-10-26_10-59-22


  • Calm Technology Principles I am engaging with:
  1. Technology can communicate, but doesn’t need to speak:

The method of communication in this object is only through sight. The three states of lights (off, on, blinking) can clearly deliver the meaning, without attracting any other senses. “Lights off” normally means nothing is happening, “red lights on” means something is hot and should not be touched. And blinking lights call for attention, which in this case doesn’t need to be defined.

  1. Technology should require the smallest possible amount of attention:

This work will not call for attention until it is time. “Red lights on” is a state that informs, but doesn’t distract. The blinking light is also a very soft change of state, making sure not to irritate the user if they are focusing on something.

  • Development Images (prototyping):

photo_2021-10-26_09-55-28 photo_2021-10-26_09-55-25 photo_2021-10-26_09-55-22



  • Circuit Diagram: