“9” – Desk Companion & Halloween Decoration

pxl_20211028_003419408 “9”

“9” is the ninth Stitch-Punk from the 2009 Shane Acker movie of the same name taking place in a dystopian future where the split soul of a scientist lives on through burlap-sack dolls known as Stitch-Punks. I decided to create a replica of the protagonist some time ago as decoration and given Halloween is approaching I decided to recreate some of his known actions from within the movie consisting of his eyes flickering when the microphone picks up sound in order to simulate blinking, his torch lighting up once the lights are turned off to guide him through the darkness and flickering when the lights are on (flame/light going out), and lastly his “soul/heart” lighting up when something is near. All of these interactions may use both passive and active interaction as he can simply react to the environment he’s in without intervention or one can directly interact with the character. I thought this character as the perfect vessel for this experiment as it can utilize the functions explored using the Arduino, sensors and LEDs while staying somewhat true to the character as he is seen within the movie. 

In relation to the calm technology principles this project utilizes the following:

  • Technology should require the smallest possible amount of attention. It does not need to be directly interacted with in order to work, it can completely react to the environment around it while keeping me company atop my desk.
  • Technology should inform and create calm. As a desk companion it provides an ascribed sense of emotional support.
  • Technology can communicate, but doesn’t need to speak. The data used by the sensors can relay the message of several different things given context, for example why did the eyes light up? Was there a loud noise? Why is the soul getting brighter? Is something approaching? Why is the torch going out? How much light is in the room.

Experience Video | How it Works | Github Code


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Official “9” Merch & Poster





**Please note that I do not own any rights to the design of the Stitch-Punks/9 Doll or any rights to the movie 9

9. Acker, Shane. Focus Features, 2009.




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