Christmas in a box

Christmas in a Box
-Merel and Preeti










Project Description:

As holidays are around the corner, we both wanted to bring festivity to the experiment. Christmas is all about lights, music, and presents. So we’ve tried to get together the essence of Christmas through LED lights and deliver them in a box! Also, since most of us are away from our families, we wanted to celebrate this occasion with a touch of technology.

Function 1:
We have used a dark box to mimic the night as that’s when we see the stars and the Christmas lights at their best. The blue LEDs on the top of the box are connected to the LDR; as it becomes dark, the lights become brighter, and as the surrounding lights brighten up, the LEDs get dimmer.



Function 2:
The LEDs that are placed under the snow are connected to the audio sensor. They respond to the intensity of the music that is playing. Thus, the brightness of the LEDs fluctuates according to the decibel of the song.

screenshot-2021-10-26-at-10-55-23 screenshot-2021-10-26-at-10-55-45



we did not find the audio sensor on Tinkercad, therefore had to use a distance sensor

Function 3:
The star on the top of the Christmas tree is one of the most iconic ornaments in the decoration. We have used a LED light to represent it and can be easily turned on and off with the help of a push-button.

screenshot-2021-10-26-at-11-02-20 screenshot-2021-10-26-at-11-01-59


Experience video:

How it works video:


Our project uses two principles of Calm Technology:

Design for people first:
Our project conveys joy in the most straightforward matter, without it being dominant or overwhelming with technology. It invites the user to interact and immerse themselves in the experience of Christmas.

Technology should work even when it fails (Think about what happens if your technology fails):
If the technology fails in our case, it can still be used as a decorative piece. It will continue to spread the joy and soul of Christmas.

Link to the code: