Cross-species interaction: The emotion of getting food


Jiamin Liu


Project Description

Animals have been one of the important members of many families, now. They are members of the family instead of pets. So, I hope to study the behavior of animals, such as cats, before studying cross-species interactions.

In this project, I used the number of LED lights to assume the mood of the cat. The sensor can measure the distance of the cat to the food. If the position of the sensor and the food are the same, and the cat keeps approaching the sensor, the LEDs will light up one after another from left to right, which Indicates that emotions are constantly becoming positive. In addition, I use LEDs that change colors automatically replaced ordinary monochromatic LEDs, because the constant blinking can better express excitement. All in all, I hope this project can simulate a phenomenon that animals’ excitement increases as the distance decreases, when they are constantly approaching food.



Discussion of Calm Technology Principles

The technique used in this experiment silently accepts participant data and gives visual feedback. This kind of visual feedback, the flashing and changing of LEDs is the way of communication between technology and participants and language expression. When the technology fails, it will not display the lights and express false feedback through silence.



Experience Video



How It Works Video


Link to Arduino code on Github


Circuit diagram



CHI ’09 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing SystemsPages 2529–2534