Experiment 2 – Desk Buddy

Desk Buddy helps one keep track of time and keep the body moving when sitting at the desk for a long time. It comprises of 3 main interactions –

  1. A color changing sun at the background that mimics real sunrise and sunset times
  2. A dog that sticks its tongue out when the ball is not picked up in the past hour, and starts running as soon as the ball is picked up. This happens so that one gets up from the desk every now and then.
  3. Indication lights that help maintain neck flexibility by guiding one to look left, right and above.

Calm technologies

  1. Technology should require the smallest possible amount of attention
  2. Technology should make use of the periphery
  3. Technology should respect social norms





Code – https://github.com/ichangimathprayag/Exp2_DeskBuddy


Videos –

  1. Dog moving – https://youtu.be/FQluAat2xcg

Pictures of build here – https://imgur.com/a/dm2u4J8