Experiment 2: George, the Zombie Lamb (Halloween)

It’s getting closer to the Halloween, so I decide to start the project named George the Zombie Lamb. In general, there is one input and two outputs in the project. The input is the motion sensor, and the outputs are LED and servo. When the motion sensor detects movement, the servo gets to work and the LED automatically turns on. And it looks like a lamb turns his head around.

This project uses one principle of Calm Technology:

Technology should make use of the peripheral: the toy is easy to play with, and users do not need to waste energy on figuring out how does the toy work. And what they need to do is to put their fingers before the motion sensor, and correpondinly, the toy moves.

Experience Video | How it works?

Development Images:

img_0940 img_0941

Final Work Images:

img_0944 img_0945

Circuit Diagram:


(As I did not find any icons representing motion sensors, therefore, I used Temperature sensor in the diagram.)

Code on Github: