Experiment 2

Title: Illusion




Size of group: 1

Created by: Mehdi Farahani

Light Sensor (1) + Servo (1) / Arduino nano / Bread board, Wires, Resistor, and …  / transparent films, and …

Project description: This is an interactive and immersive installation. The main idea of this experiment was to create an interactive design and interactive lighting. I wanted to create an optical illusion atmosphere through the interaction of people and my painting. I had to use the ultrasonic sensor. But I only had a light sensor available. So I used the light sensor (instead of the ultrasonic sensor) just for showing my idea in a limited way. When the light comes on, the servo stops working. When the light goes off, the servo starts moving one of the transparent films over the other. Using the light source behind the transparent film, an illusory atmosphere will be created on the front wall.

In terms of the principle of calm technology, I used the phrase: “Technology can communicate, but it does not need to speak.”
In my opinion, artworks such as a painting, a sculpture, or an installation do not need to speak up or do not necessarily need to be in a large format or complicated to communicate with their audience. Rather, the interaction and interrelation between an artwork and the audience should be considered.


20211025_190223  20211025_185421  20211025_182258


Fabrication Process:

One of my biggest challenges in doing this experiment was my limited access to electronic equipment in London. Creating a sensitive object with a light sensor and a Servo and fabrication at home was no easy task. But sometimes simple tools can create a tremendous visual impact. One of the most important problem I encountered in my work was 1/4w Resistors. I ordered 10k ohm and 220-ohm resistors, but Creatron company sent me the wrong Resistors. As I am new to electronics, I did not know why my circuit was not working properly. By the suggestion of a friend, I used a 10k Trimmer Potentiometer instead of a resistor, and my problem was almost solved. I decided to focus on visual impact with these tools, even if I do not have suitable resistor and sensor to write the best code. All the construction of this work has been done at home and with very limited facilities. This will be a lasting memory of the COVID Pandemic period.

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1- https://ocadu.techsmithrelay.com/2qvT

2- https://ocadu.techsmithrelay.com/fPqm

3- https://ocadu.techsmithrelay.com/nwoq

Circuit diagram: