Light Buzzer


My design includes the light sensor and the buzzer. When the light sensor senses light, the buzzer sounds, and the LEDs flash. This piece can exist just fine on its own as long as it is put in a place with light and darkness. I was inspired when I was rewatching the Vampire Diaries. If there is a vampire in the world, they might like my work. Does this count as inclusive design?

Experience Video:

For presentation sake, I intentionally use my finger to block the light from reaching the sensor to show that the buzzer and LEDs stop instantly without light input. But it works independently from human interaction as well. The light sensor is extremely sensitive. So I thought this piece can also be used as a light-triggered alarm that would buzz when a lockbox or a locked storage unit is opened.

How it works Video:

with light:img_1844

without light:img_1846

Arduino Code:

code1 code-2

Code Reference: