Re-Cactus ♻️


Re-Cactus is a sensitive object designed and built using waste materials from households that don’t have any value to them but are transformed into something meaningful. It’s like shaping your trash into something meaningful creating a sustainable object from the countless cardboards of amazon orders and the ice cream tubs. Re-Cactus depicts a cactus plant that has been upcycled from the things we call trash to change the perspective of people that trash can be upcycled into different things like an interactive object in this case. The cactus blooms and withers a flower during the day as it sits on your desk reacting to the sunlight. 

This project came to life seeing a lot of trash cardboard in my house that had just come in from a big order from amazon and I felt like this should be turned into something that is not trash. So I decided to make a cardboard cactus out of it which bear a flower on the top that blooms when the LDR sensor gets value above a certain level the blooming happens over a period of time depicting the natural way of blooming a flower and there is a reverse state wherein the flower closes in depicting a withering state which also happens over time. The last state is a honey bee state wherein a honey bee comes on the flower which is a very rare state and doesn’t last long.

Calm Technology Principles Used

  • “Technology should require the smallest possible amount of attention”. The cactus just sits on the desk like a plant needing no interaction the flower starts to bloom when a certain LDR value is achieved, it closes/withers when the light is below a certain level.
  • “Technology should respect social norms”. The flower blooms in a very subtle way over a period of time slowly showing the blooming process.
  • “Technology should work even when it fails”. Even if the technology fails it is a cactus plant sitting on a table and the plant does not even require frequent watering and has a flower on top.
  • “Technology should make use of the periphery”. The cactus moves from background to foreground as it blooms and then again to the background as the flower blooms completely.

Experience Video   |    How it Works Video

Final Project Images

20211026_205602  20211026_205632


Development Images

20211021_123740      dev

20211025_143005    20211024_013423

Arduino code

Circuit Diagram