Covid Challenge

By Geanna Ge and Jiamin Liu

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Project Description:

This is a simple game where we challenge our players to drag us towards the button of ‘Back to Normal’. Using distance sensor and Arduino processing, we created this ironic challenge that is the epitome of our prolonged battle against the covid-19 virus. The irony in this game is that we will never reach the button because as you drag us towards the right side of the frame, we will reveal the hands of the Virus that has been holding us back for two years now, covering up the button to go back to our normal lives. The glitchiness of the dragging motion is intentional for it reflects how we went back and forth with our progress during this ongoing pandemic. The slightly out-of-control visual response signifies how the pandemic has developed out of our expectations a couple of times already as well as the uncertainty we face right now.

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