Draw a Note


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By Ellie Huang & Aaditya Vaze

This experiment is aimed at building an accessible physical interface for creating music. Using pencils and sharpener you can just start drawing and generate sounds from a choice of musical instruments.

Musical instruments need different types of muscle coordination techniques and strengths to play them. e.g. Drums need high amount of energy to produce sound and Cello needs control and focus to play it. It’s difficult to learn the intricacies of each musical instrument. With “Draw a Note” users can use two pencils in their hands and draw/tap on circles to play a note/sound of an instrument. Switching instruments is as easy as placing sharpener on a different point on the paper. To make it accessible to visually impaired population/people, we have an etched pin to sense the region that reacts to touch or pencil to produce a sound.

The aim of “Draw a note” is to experiment with simple day-to-day objects like paper, pencil and sharpener to play beats or generate notes of different musical instruments. We have fabricated a minimal design that is subtle, lightweight and portable.

Development Images



Final Images


Fritzing Diagram



Freesound Sound Files for Musical Instruments | Nov 11 2021 | https://freesound.org/ (Creative Commons License)