Experiment 3 : CatNap

By Parnian Parvin


  • Project Description

Catnap is a means to keep my long-distance relationship with my cat, now that we have grown apart. I usually call my parents, who are taking care of him now, to see him and to see how he is doing, but there is a problem. His sleeping schedule doesn’t fit my parents’ and there are very few hours in the day that they are all awake and I can get a chance see all of them. So, I made this dual clock to help me find the best time.

On Catnap’s breadboard there are two potentiometers with knobs set on top of each. And they are both installed on the box. The clock on the right shows my timeline and the hours that I might be asleep are also marked. The clock on the left shows my cat’s timeline and the hours he might be asleep. On the screen there are two cats that are metaphorically me and my cat. Each cat’s movements are connected to its correspondent potentiometer. When the hand of each clock enters the sleeping hours area, the eyes of its cat will close, and when it enters the awakening area, the cat’s eyes will open. The interaction is playing with the hands and finding the best hours to call, so that we are both awake.

  • Final Project Images

20211217_141931            5902094576301226881_121

  • Development Images

m3 m2 m1


  • Circuit diagram