Experiment 3: To Whom I Love (Version 2)


Project Ideation:

Everybody wants to love, everybody wants to be loved.The topic of human affect and emotion always interests me. As a psych-major student, I’ve been keen to find out the most suitable color for love, even the most suitable shape for love. Everyone has their opinion on such topic. In my opinion, love shouldn’t be defined with a single color, instead, it should be mix of varied colors. Sometimes, it is more dark indicating that you  may experience some struggles in relationship, and sometimes, it could be bright indicating that you experience some sweet moments with others and sometimes, the color could be neutral meaning that it is bitter-sweet. In general, you could consider my project as a color palette of love.

Project Description:

In Experiment 1, I made an interactive project, To Whom I Love Version1,  with basically the similar layout as I did in Experiment 3. But the problem with Version 1 is that the color had been set as purple with fixed transparency. Therefore, I used analog rotation potentiometer in Version 2 to adjust the transparency and users are able to rotate the potentiometer trying to find a most fit color for love. In general, I use 3 of the potentiometer. One is responsible for the color switching of the heart in the middle and one is responsible for the size adjusting of the background circles, and the other is responsible for the transparency of the circles. With varied color and transparency dots  laid out one another, I perceived different combinations of color.

Development Images:

20431637050219_-pic    20441637050270_-pic

Final Work Images:



Videos & Github:

Github: To Whom I Love Version 2

How does it work?

Experience Video

Circuit Diagram:



  1. Heart Curve in Java(Mathworld): https://mathworld.wolfram.com/HeartCurve.html
  2. Good practice seined value from Arduino to Processing: https://discourse.processing.org/t/good-practice-for-sending-data-from-arduino-to-processing/6339
  3. Nick & Kate digital future GitHub: https://github.com/DigitalFuturesOCADU/CC2021/tree/main/Experiment3/codeExamples/ArduinoToProcessing/CSV/IMUinput/PitchandRoll/Arduino/pitchandRoll_Send_CSV