HEXAFind the pattern to reveal the image

By Adit Verma and Arjun Dutt



Project Description 

 Our original concept was to create a piano/keyboard that, when a key was pressed, it would trigger some interactivity on the corresponding digital media. However, after a round of feedback we realized that as a concept, it was too simple and too linear. We needed to push the boundaries a bit and further evolve from the piano idea. So we went back to the drawing board and brainstormed on a couple of new ideas.

We eventually settled on making an interactive, pattern-finding, game. For this, we have created a boardgame- with multiple hexagons drawn on its face. Under the surface of the board, we connected 7 touch sensors to 7 out of 31of the drawn hexagons. As a player, you are given 10 hexagonal metal nuts to place on the board to create a pattern with. Once you press the start button at the front , a timer will start and you will have one minute to find the pre-set 7-nut-pattern on the board-game. If you place a nut on a hexagon that’s hooked up to a touch sensor, a pixelated image will pop-up on the screen. Each following nut, if correctly placed in its pattern, will trigger a blur function in the image, making it less pixelated than it was previously. In the end, if you have placed all 7 nuts properly, the digital media which would have started off as completely pixelated, should now be in high resolution.


HINT FOR THE PATTERN: All metal nuts placed on the board must be separated by one empty hexagon.


Link to Experience Video :



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Final Project Images: 

microsoftteams-image-3  microsoftteams-image-4 microsoftteams-image-2 


 Development Images:

whatsapp-image-2021-11-16-at-3-12-06-pm-2  whatsapp-image-2021-11-16-at-3-12-06-pm-1  whatsapp-image-2021-11-16-at-3-12-06-pm


Link to the Arduino and Processing code hosted on GitHub:



 Circuit Diagram: