Space Oddity

By Shuting Zhou & Winter Yan

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Project Description

Space Oddity is an interactive installation based on tactile interface and screen-based digital experience. As its name implies, this project is inspired by David Bowie’s song and it attempts to provide a thrilling experience of space travel. It consists of a wood box as spaceship dashboard and four sensors as controller for the adventure. The chosen piece of media is a video clip of wormhole travel. Users are expected to start the exploration of space and the unknown by interacting with the controllers. Each sensor will trigger a sudden change on the screen. Buckle up, space travellers!

The tangible interface is composed of a speed controller with a sliding potentiometer underneath, and decorated with a ball Christmas ornament; a toggle which is functioned with force sensor; two buttons which is a capacitive touch sensor and an ultrasonic sensor to detect the position of the hand of user. Users can choose to interact with one of the four sensors. By playing with the controller, users are able to adjust the travel speed, check the distance to a certain planet, trigger unexpected species in universe or even encounter an unidentified flying object.

Development Images

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Final Project Images

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