Beautiful Now: Glowing Heart

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For the Proximities project, we decided to create a piece of multi-color glowing intimate clothing whose colors can be controlled through a digital interface. We embed Arduino-controlled heart-shaped LED strings into a wearable piece of velvet intimate camisole.


How it works:
The color of the LED light is controlled by the number input on the digital screen. The color code is in RGB order. The camisole is black velvet when the light isn’t shined. When you put in a color code and activate the LED, it shines through the velvet material into a centered heart shape. Every time you change a number, the LED lights up in a different color. The main color scheme that controls the range of colors can only be modified in the LEDcontrol code. In this piece for right now, we chose to put blue on zero to increase our chances of getting red and purple-ish colors.

screen-shot-2021-12-12-at-6-00-43-pm screen-shot-2021-12-12-at-6-00-19-pm
Design Concept:

The wearer must be close to the digital interface that controls it. In our case, it is the laptop. This requires a shared-spatial relationship for both the controller and the wearer. Limited by the length of the USB cable, the wearer and the controller can be the same person. We chose the wearable piece to be an intimate piece because we want to emphasize and embrace the loving relationship between couples and ourselves, our mind and body.

When worn by two people, the lights-up revelation of a heart is a warm message from the controller to the wearer about their love for them. When it is worn and played with by one user, it refreshes the user’s experience of wearing underwear and reminds them to love themselves.  Underwear/intimate wear is often overlooked as the basic we wear everything else over. It doesn’t embellish the look of us nearly as much as what we wear over it. And we often rush to put on other clothes instead of taking a moment to appreciate our most real selves.  We want to create a fun piece that promotes a healthy and positive visual interaction between one and oneself. Through wearing and playing our piece, we encourage our users to see themselves from a new perspective. To notice the glowing heart as a nice reminder of the importance of self-love and confidence. You are beautiful the way you are. We picked LED under velvet material because the darker the surrounding is, the more obvious the LED shines through the black velvet. Just like how the darker it gets, the more important it is for us to hold onto our faith in ourselves to pull through.

This piece, by sending a visual message and provoking interaction with the wearer, constructs this special spatial relationship that aims to put a smile onto the wearer’s face and some positive vibe alongside it!

Arduino Code:

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Potential future development: