Brains Talking


 Group members: Siyu Sun, Mehdi Farahani,  Anantha Chickanayakanahalli

 “Brains being by themselves tend to get noisy especially with all the electronic devices to blame. When they are brought in proximity or closeness to other brains a sense of synchronization is possible and there is a scope of calmness. In this experiment, we are trying to represent this proximity by means of a physical installation of two objects that represent the two brains. They are activated by changes in their positions and when moved they demonstrate the noise of everyday sounds reverberating. These sounds come to a standstill and attain a silence when the brains are brought together (touching each other). This is meant to translate the effect people have on each other.”


Project Description

Brains Talking is an interactive artwork based on the study of  Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). In this installation, we are digging into the term of Consciousness in the human mind. Consciousness means some kind of experience, cognition, feeling, imagination, and volition. We can perceive and receive the information in the world, and the brain is the most crucial tool to let it can be trued. There are so many nerve systems in our brain, and we can do the sensation during that, just like we can speak, we can touch, we can taste and smell the flavor, which can help us interact with the world. But compared with the un-consciousness, it is very easier to understand, just like we don’t have any self-thoughts, awareness, and can’t do the interactive. For instance, stones, sculptures, installations, even like our technology world. So we combine the still acrylic material and then use laser cutting to cut off the outline of the human brain, to mimic future human brains. when consciousness becomes unconscious, what can we humans do?


  1. We put some sound from our life. Neurofeedback is a form of alternative treatment wherein brain waves are retrained through auditory or visual stimuli. Everything can be turned to sound in our physical world, and they can activate our neuro system to make the feedback. So we are thinking about mimicking a virtual environment that can interact with future brains. The sound in this audio track came from the original physical sound, like the movement elevator, boiling water, the shaking of keys, flapping the handrail, closing the door, and so on. All of these inadvertently form our communication system. In this installation, we are set up a defined distance that can activate the sound, people can use the distance to control the sound value, which means the distance from each other is never far away. As we all know, following the development of technology in our recent world, the relationship between humans is turned into a silent world. We always focus on intelligent devices which ignore the people around us. So we want to use this kind of idea to critique this phenomenon.


2.  Mimic the hand’s power





Experience Video




How it Works Video


Final Imagines







Development  Images

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Circuit Diagram





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