Experiment 4: Game Mode



  • Project Description

“Game Mode” is an upgraded digital version of a game I used to play with my cousins as a kid. In the beginning of the game, we would choose a certain object to be the indicator. Then we blindfolded the player and asked them to walk around the room. Another player started tapping on a surface. When the first player went near the indicator, the second player tapped harder and faster. And when the first player got far from it, the tapper tapped slower and lower. By only listening to the tapping, the first player has to find the indicator and the game ends. Then another player takes their place, and the game starts again.

In this project, I decided to upgrade this game to a digital interactive version. The indicator is a cube that contains the Arduino circuit and a battery to power it up. I gave the game a “The Incredibles” theme since I noticed that the ultrasonic sensor I’m using in this project, reminds me a lot of the big round glasses of Edna Mode, a character in that movie.

When the player moves their hands around the table to find the object, a song is playing on the laptop screen. When their hands move near the sensor, the volume goes up. they have to keep moving their hands – since they are blindfolded – to find the object.


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  • Circuit Diagram