“Who’s There?”


Much like with any final assignment, we had our fair share of ups and downs. Originally we had interpreted the assignments use of proximity more in line with what was apparently done last year (given distance for COVID), we had created 3 statues with 3 LEDs each that would respond to a P5.js “send message” in a fake text threat that would light up one of the LEDs in response to draw attention to the visual of people having a conversation while we were apart as the 3 of us live completely spread out from each other.

We instead changed the assignment to be more so representative of being together and what happens when that action is fulfilled. Given our attempts and misunderstanding with our first concept our desperation to salvage something from the original resulted in keeping one statue with 3 LEDs and instead shift from Phone – Arduino to Arduino – Arduino using the Central to Peripheral communications. For this we decided the sculpture was to be a permanent piece of decor to exist with the LEDs lit at all times, however when the peripheral Arduino is sensed via bluetooth an LED would blink in response to someone being within range giving a sense of curiosity as to who is coming near.

whatsapp-image-2021-12-10-at-2-26-43-pm-1 screen-shot-2021-12-11-at-2-48-01-pm

In an ideal world with additional Arduino we would have enjoyed exploring how to connect multiple periphery to the central in some form of disguised Arduino that would just be kept on our person, for example if we all had some type of “tile” like item to keep in our bags with the sculpture placed in the studio having the LEDs blink in response signals to us (and others near) that someone is on their way.

*Disclaimer, given our sudden shift in concept in order to make it more in line with the requirements of the assignment we used the Arduino example of Central to Peripheral communication using the BLE Senses gesture sensor and changed the code to work with a blinking LED in response to the central connecting to the peripheral.

Demo Video | How it Works | Code

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