Experiment 4: Call & Response


This project was created as a response to the extended periods of physical distancing we’ve been facing as a result of a number of pandemic related conditions. Even as we slowly return to shared spaces, we still have to maintain some sort of social distancing and cover up our faces with masks making communication slightly harder than it should be.

Call & Response is a project that allows 2 people in a shared space communicate with musical messaging by sending synth phrases back and forth in response to each other, creating an ongoing and unending sonic conversation between the 2 participants.

Call & Response is inspired by a method of communicating in music by the same name where 1 performer plays a sonic phrase and a second performer or the audience replies with a second musical phrase.

The use of sounds as a messaging mechanism allows us bypass language barriers in traditional communication tools while also respectfully circumventing COVID restrictions by eliminating the need for verbal communication through a face mask.

This project uses a PHONE to PHONE interaction with the sonic messaging app being developed in p5.js. The participants scan a QR code present in the shared space which opens the p5.js app link and the real time connection between the participants phones is created using p5.party, a library for creating multiplayer apps with p5.js The synth sounds are also generated using Tone.js, a JavaScript library for creating interactive sounds in the browser using the Web Audio API


Experience Video: https://youtu.be/SF0W1fUtb-E


How it Works: https://youtu.be/VoyMg0WICSA


Link to Code on p5: https://editor.p5js.org/demilade/sketches/8NYLrFP6a


Link to the code on github: https://github.com/DemiladeOla/call-and-response