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Dancing Pairs

Group Members: Aaditya Vaze and Joanne John.

Concept Statement

Dancing pairs aims to revolutionize dance performances on stages and nightclubs. Connected through the Dancing Pairs app, each member of the crowd contributes to the 3D visualization that is on the screen as they dance with their phones either in their pockets, or in their hands.

Each person on the dance floor is represented by a blob, and as they move in different directions the accelerometer values from their phones are collected. The real-time animations reflect these movements as they step side to side, backwards and forwards, or jump up and down, resulting in their blob moving in a similar fashion. Once all the dancers start moving, their blobs merge to become one megablob – thus, creating a collective. These visualizations can then be projected onto the stage’s backdrop, or on the dance floor’s LED screens.

At the current stage, the app only supports 2 users, but in the long term, it would be able to host 100s. We have developed an iOS app which transfers the accelerometer data to p5.js via bluetooth. Using three.js and Marching Cubes we have implemented 3D metaballs (blobs) which can join and become one if they are close apart, and create an interesting abstract visualization.

Experience Video // How it Works Video // GitHub Link

final images





mockup of dancing pairs in a nightclub or concert setting



Process and Development

exp4_process1 exp4_process3


network diagram






Screen-based Flashlight


Screen-based Flashlight is a simple interactive experiment based on Arduino BLE. What it does is sending signals from Arduino to P5.js, and once p5 detects a signal from Arduino, the screen turns on, and when Arduino stops sending signals, the screen turns off. The project fits with the idea of “proximity”. The reason for me to put the control panel into a see-through plastic box is because I want the project to be aesthetically qualified.

Experience Video

How does it work Video

Development photo:


Final work photo:



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